Femme debout qui parle devant ses collaborateurs lors d'une réunion

Faced with a shortage of talent, organisations need to hire sustainably and choose the person who will best fit the position. The recruitment interview is still often conducted as an open conversation without preparation. Elements such as sympathy or first impressions take precedence over the evaluation of the candidate's skills.

The competency-based interview combines friendliness and method to significantly increase the validity of the recruitment process. It can be easily applied to reliably assess the candidate's skills, motivation, and fit with the company's culture.

Objectifs :

I  Increase the validity of a recruitment interview.

I  Evaluate behavioural skills, motivation, and fit with the company's culture.

I  Base recruitment decisions on factual and objective elements.

Contenu :

I  Questioning and active listening.

I  Competence and behavioural indicators.

I  Motivations.

I  The STAR method.

I  Evaluation and frame of reference.

I  Errors of judgment or cognitive bias.

We adapt all our training courses to your specific needs. The pedagogical approach is participative, based on workshops and numerous practical exercises and role plays to simulate recruitment interviews.