Leadership Programmes & Executive Coaching

Everyone is a leader.

Leader of a team, an organisation, their expertise, their projects, and also their career and life. Everyone has some leadership, but it can be liberated, learned, and developed further.
To find your leadership style means going deep inside yourself, daring to look and know yourself (again) so that you can radiate your uniqueness.

Highlight offers complete programmes that encourage the identification and appropriation of your personal power.
Each integrated course (blended learning) is led by inspiring speakers and is based on collective intelligence and direct experience: training modules, digitalised content, individual and collective coaching sessions, co-development workshops, readings, videos, and our learning community.

Chaque intervention est animée par des intervenant·e·s inspirant·e·s, basée sur l’intelligence collective et l’expérience directe et déclinée en format  ‘blended learning’.


« You are not born a leader, you become one. »
Vince Lombardi

Go on a journey to awaken the leader in us, whatever the role (leader, manager, expert, project manager).

We all have the freedom to make positive decisions, express the best in ourselves, and inspire others. Our programmes share the tools and methods that allow us to fully occupy this space of freedom with authenticity.

The programmes are tailor-made and cover the key competencies of each role.


Develop a vision, transform the organisation, inspire, influence, and make strategic alliances, give meaning, and be exemplary.


Set the course, lead the team, manage time and conflicts, motivate and develop employees, and increase emotional intelligence.


Innovate, manage your time, create impact, give advice, develop your network, lead meetings with good collective intelligence, transmit your knowledge, and manage pressure.

Project leader

Generate support for projects, facilitate follow-up meetings, communicate and negotiate, support change, manage frustration and resistance, and develop resilience.

& outplacement

« The coach is not the person who teaches something, it is the person who encourages their client to give the best of themselves so that they discover a knowledge already present in them. »
Paulo Coelho

The coaching process invites you to (re)discover your own leadership style. By starting a coaching program, you choose to take charge and find the keys and answers to the challenges you face.

Because each situation is different, our outplacement programme is designed in a modular fashion, allowing each beneficiary to define the contours of their own programme. Options include focusing on exploring motivations and talents, developing a new project, or discovering how to approach the job market.


« Teamwork starts with building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability. »
Patrick Lencioni

Our tailor-made solutions combine individual and collective coaching, while allowing the team to reveal itself.

Teambuilding offers moments of sharing and complicity conducive to the emergence of a common vision and shared values through the use of tools such as Insights Discovery®or outdoor activities.

Team diagnosis and coaching allows each person to better understand what is happening in the team and to find their place. We use Berne’s Organisation Theory, Emergent Change, and Corporate Constellations.

Collective intelligence workshops support teams to make collective resolutions, realise action plans, support change, and more.

Training offer

Our training catalogue aims to support organisations as they develop agile relationships and cooperation modes: collective approach, emergent change©, mindfulness, design thinking, mind mapping, and more. These approaches are particularly effective in shifting managerial culture towards more creativity, accountability, diversity, and inclusion.

Discover our complete training offer

Highlight propose tous ses contenus de formation en ‘blended learning’ grâce à sa plateforme digitale : ressources supplémentaires, exercices pratiques et d’introspection, quizz…