Assessment & Development Centers

Gain perspective as you take a fair and clear look at skills, obtain inspiring insights, stimulate self-awareness, facilitate the emergence of new behavioural strategies, and move towards the best career choices with the support of an assessor coach.

Assessment Center

An Assessment Centre is a powerful experience that stimulates self-knowledge and highlights skills: personality and motivation questionnaires, reasoning tests, structured interviews, simulation exercises (management role plays, strategic presentations, etc.), and 360° evaluation. The nuanced and reliable conclusions allow for an informed choice about recruitment or promotion and/or the implementation of a personalised development plan.

Do you have an Assessment Center planned ?

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Development Center

A Development Centre is punctuated by coaching and introspection. New behavioural strategies are gradually developed with the participant who commits to their development.

Learning Center

A Learning Centre emphasises the application of new approaches. The scenarios are repeated so that participants can experience first-hand the effects of changing their behaviour on themselves, their environment, and their results.

Bilan des compétences

A Skills Assessment scans a wide range of skills, reveals assets and potential, and guides participants towards the best career choices.


I I Recruiting the right person
I Revealing potential
I Preparing for a promotion
I Implementing a personal development plan
I Identifying areas to develop before implementing a training programme
I Initiating coaching
I Preparing for mobility
I Managing your career