Activate creativity

Activate creativity

Ampoules en ligne qui s'entrechoquent

Whether we call ourselves creative or prescriptive, we all have the ability to generate new ideas. Techniques can help with this as creativity is rarely solicited in our structured and procedural world. However, the complexity of today’s world requires other types of responses to problems.

Through a series of guided activities, creativity is revealed to generate sustainable innovative solutions. Participants learn to engage with flexibility and agility and transform obstacles into opportunities for innovation and growth. Techniques include visual metaphors, shifting perspectives, and the pooling of each person’s skills.


I  Understand and overcome the limits of creativity

I  Broaden your vision

I  Unblock situations

I  Use visual metaphors


I  Mind mapping

I  Brainstorming

I  Technique: opposite of opposite

I  Mash-up

I  The visual metaphor

The training is adapted to the client’s needs and context. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative with the group working on concrete cases brought by the participants and practiced during simulated interviews. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.