Amplify the strengths of the team with Appreciative Inquiry

Amplify the strengths of the team with Appreciative Inquiry

Equipe de collaborateurs qui joignent leurs mains ensemble au milieu d'une table

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach that values and appreciates what already exists in the team. It moves away from diagnoses, criticisms, and negative points of view to focus on the strengths and assets of the system. It is a cooperative search for the best in people. The starting point is that individuals and human systems tend towards excellence by amplifying their strengths.

By recognising the strengths present, Appreciative Inquiry encourages support and expands the capacity to respond to blocking situations. The process is collective, taking place in 5 phases, and is based on the art of asking questions that reinforce the potential of the actors involved and the group of which they are a part.

When people experience this process, the emotions they feel are positive ones. In contrast to anger, fear, or frustration, which restrict cognitive abilities, positivity reveals positive actions.


I  Discover Appreciative Inquiry

I  Practice the art of questioning

I  Identify the strengths of a team

I  Develop a positive attitude towards change


I  The Appreciative Process: definition, discovery, becoming, decision, deployment

I  Implementation of the approach

I  Construction of a vision of the future

I  Elaboration of proposals to achieve this vision

I  Discussion of the implementation and long-term development

The training is adapted to the client’s needs and context. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative with the group working on a concrete case brought by the participants.