Atomic Shelter

Atomic Shelter

Discover your leadership style by saving the world
personnes qui lèvent les mains en l'air devant un couché de soleil

The activity in the ‘atomic shelter’ plunges everyone into a crisis situation. Together, they face the challenge of saving the world. They will have to negotiate, communicate, share their values, make decisions and reach a consensus.

Participants will be able to explore and become aware of the different facets of leadership and identify their own ways of working. This activity will also promote teamwork, rapid and effective decision-making, and clear and concise communication in situations of stress or urgency.

More than an exercise, this activity is above all an adventure that brings out the collective intelligence and grows leadership.


I A powerful experience of self-discovery, reactive patterns and leadership style.

I Giving impetus to the development of leadership, communication and crisis management skills.


I An extraordinary experience based on a hypothetical scenario involving a nuclear attack, natural disaster or pandemic.

I An in-depth understanding of the behaviours involved in decision-making, adaptation, stress management and emergency management.

Each training is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. The teaching approach is fun and participative.