Communicate with Insights Discovery®

Communicate with Insights Discovery®

Know yourself to better relate to others
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Insights Discovery is a tool for getting to know yourself and your colleagues better. With its simple and easy-to-remember four-colour model, it facilitates the creation of respectful, productive and positive working relationships. Everyone has a better awareness of their own and others’ communication preferences. They share a unique language that helps them overcome relationship challenges and conflicts.

Insights Discovery is based on the psychology of Carl Jung and is particularly reliable. An individual report describing behavioural preferences (communication, management style, cooperation mode, etc.) is offered to each participant.


I  Strengthen self-knowledge

I  To identify one’s own and others’ specific needs based on each person’s colours

I  Promote communication that respects the differences and needs of each person

I  Develop new communication strategies based on the 4 colours


I  Presentation of the Insights Discovery® model

I  Giving feedback through colours (card game)

I  Getting to know yourself better through your individual report

I  Communication exercises (role-playing, role-playing, etc.) based on the dynamics of the colours

The training is adapted to the needs and context of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative. The group works on concrete cases brought in by the participants and practises in practical situations. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.