Conducting a development interview

Conducting a development interview

Targeting development priorities and initiating an action plan
Plante dan le creux de la main qui représente le développement

Conducting a development interview is a way of encouraging employees to take stock of their professional objectives, skills and training needs. It’s a valuable opportunity to strengthen employee commitment and align talent with the company’s objectives. 

During this privileged meeting, it is the quality of the HRBP’s or manager’s posture that guarantees the success of the approach. Open questioning stimulates reflection and brings out the development priorities around which an individual action plan will be built. Even if the interview leader frames the discussion, it is the employee who is at the heart of the process, expressing his/her needs and making commitments regarding his/her own development.


I  Conducting an interview with an open mind

I  Ask effective questions to stimulate reflection

I  Recognising strengths and aspirations

I  Initiating an individual development plan


I  Coaching questioning

I  Active listening

I  Life position (Okness)

I  SMART Objective

I  The stages of an individual development plan

This training is tailored to the specific needs of the participants and the organisation. The teaching method is participative and essentially based on role-playing in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors makes the approach even more interactive and effective.