Femme qui écrit dans un carnet dans le but de développer ses compétences et d'atteindre ses objectifs personnels

The Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a mutual commitment between employer and employee to support the acquisition of new skills. It is an essential tool for supporting performance and developing potential, for example to provide support when preparing a career transition such as a change of function or a promotion.

A real lever for personal growth, a PDP sets you in motion, helping you progress through regular successes. Structured and concrete, it unfolds in seven steps around the allegory of the journey, from the starting point to the final destination.

Objectifs :

I  Achieve personal goals.

I  Develop new skills.

I  Manage performance and career transitions.

I  Coach yourself and motivate yourself to achieve personal goals.

Contenu :

I  The seven steps of the personal development plan.

I  The GROW model.

I  The 10/20/70 model.

I  SMART goals.

I  The challenge method.

I  Journaling.

This workshop is tailored to take into account the client's competency development processes: LMS, internal documents, etc. Participants create their own personal development plan with the support of a 2 to 3 hour digitalised course of activities and tools.