Expert Leadership with Insights Discovery®

Expert Leadership with Insights Discovery®

Better cooperation and greater impact as an expert
Femme qui tient un bloc insights Discovery dans ses mains

Insights Discovery is a model based on various typologies and the work of Carl Jung, represented by four colors. Through a questionnaire and various activities facilitated by a certified trainer, participants explore their ways of reacting to their environment and managing relationships with others.

Expert leadership emphasizes the ability to excel in a specific domain while being competent, experienced, and capable of collaborating effectively with others. Through this workshop, experts discover their ability to share their ideas and convey their vision. They explore different ways of communicating, positively influencing, and mobilizing the necessary resources to achieve goals. They develop their capacity to work collaboratively in environments where solving complex problems and innovation are essential for their success.


I  Become aware of your leadership style as an expert, and of your potential

I  Understand how other non-expert profiles operate

I  Develop new communication and cooperation strategies


I  Insights Discovery®, psychometric questionnaire

I  Individual report including development actions

I  Action plan for personal development as an expert: communication, cooperation, influence, creativity, etc.

Each training is tailored to the needs and context of the organisation. The teaching approach is playful and participative, offering time for individual reflection and concrete group experiences as well as role-playing. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.