Gaining creativity with mind mapping

Gaining creativity with mind mapping

A simple and versatile tool that mobilises reason and intuition
Personne qui réalise une carte heuristique, un mind mapping ou une carte mentale créative avec beaucoup de couleurs

Mind mapping is a simple and versatile tool for generating ideas by combining reason and intuition. It is one of the few tools that uses imagination and global vision. It allows you to link information together while giving it meaning. Thanks to its global functioning, this method favours an almost instantaneous understanding of complex situations and encourages the development of creative solutions.


I  Visualising complex systems and developing a holistic view

I  Structure ideas and stimulate creativity

I  Thinking outside the box


I  The basics of a mind map: how the brain works

I  Concrete realisations of maps

I  Thinking outside the box

I  Global vision vs. details

I  Pictograms

I  Practical exercises: summaries, brainstorming, action plans etc.

The content of the training is adapted to the specific needs of the organisation. The approach is playful and participatory. Participants create mind maps about concrete situations in their work environment.