Giving feedback

Giving feedback

Deux collaboratrices qui discutent et l'une donne un feedback à l'autre

By giving feedback, the manager offers a privileged moment of exchange, an opportunity to ease certain tensions or to revive motivation. When it is constructive, feedback strengthens the relationship with the employees and supports their development.

To master the art of giving feedback and ensure that it is a benevolent and developmental act, all managers are invited to follow a few tips: do not judge, remain open, be factual and precise, and take into account the employee’s limits and aspirations.


I  Establishing a climate of trust

I  Clarifying the purpose of feedback

I  Communicating constructively

I  Setting expectations as a manager

I  Agreeing for the future


I  The 3 types of feedback

I  The DEESC method

I  Ofman’s dial

I  The life positions

I  The dramatic triangle

This training is facilitated by taking into account the culture of the organisation and the experience of the managers for giving feedback. The pedagogy is participative and based on role plays in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors brings even more interactivity and efficiency to the approach.