Increasing efficiency with mind mapping

Increasing efficiency with mind mapping

A simple and versatile tool that mobilises reason and intuition
personne qui réalise un mind mapping

Mind mapping is a simple and versatile tool that allows you to structure your ideas, learn easily, add knowledge to your the long term memory, make decisions by combining reason and intuition, develop creativity, build a project, and optimise your time, concentration, and efficiency.

It is one of the rare tools that mobilises both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. The right hemisphere calls upon creativity, imagination, global vision, and links information together while giving it meaning. The left hemisphere mobilises verbal language, rationality, logic, and analysis. Thanks to this global functioning, this method favours an almost instantaneous understanding of complex situations.


I  Visualise complex systems and develop an overview

I  Structure ideas 

I  Plan a project

I  Memorise a lot of information quickly to remember in the long term

I  Deliver fluent speeches with ease

I  Practice clear and synthetic presentations

I  Take notes while discerning the essential from the accessory


I  The fundamentals of a mind map: how the brain works

I  Concrete realisations of maps

I  Thinking outside the box

I  Global vision vs. details

I  Pictograms

I  Practical exercises: summaries, brainstorming, action plans, and more

The content of the training is adapted to the specific needs of the organisation. Playful and participatory approach. Participants create mind maps about concrete situations in their work environment.