Introduction to Sketchnoting

Introduction to Sketchnoting

Integrating information and memorising it effectively

Sketchnotes are a note-taking technique that combines visual and textual elements. The term is a contraction of two words: Sketch and Notes. This creative approach stimulates cognitive engagement, as it involves the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses simultaneously, strengthening the connection between information and the brain. By transforming concepts and ideas into images, icons and diagrams, sketchnoting encourages deeper understanding and more effective retention of information. 

One of the barriers to sketchnoting is that few people think they can draw. Well, rest assured, you don’t need to be an illustrator to sketch! Using simple techniques and models (simple figurines, symbols, pictorial diagrams), you’ll be surprised at how easily you can convey your ideas.


I  Improving note-taking and learning through sketchnoting

I  Create fun visuals to integrate and memorise information

I  Acquire the basic tools to use the technique in everyday life


I  Drawing made easy: mastering a basic drawing

I The concepts of visual thinking

I Basic tools: simple figures, symbols, pictorial diagrams

I  Practical memory exercises

Each course is tailored to the needs and context of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is fun and participative, offering time for individual reflection and concrete group experiences. Participants practise on a concrete example of content to be summarised or memorised.