Lead with Insights Discovery®

Lead with Insights Discovery®

cartes de couleurs vert bleu jaune et rouge, qui représentent les couleurs d'Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery® is a model based on various typologies from the works of Carl Jung, which are represented by four colours. Through a questionnaire, and various activities facilitated by a certified trainer, participants explore their ways of reacting to their environment and managing their relationships with others.

Through this workshop, managers discover the potential of their own leadership style and explore different ways to motivate and delegate employees according to their specific needs. From an awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement, managers take concrete actions to grow in the art of managing people and teams.


I  Become aware of the potential of your own leadership style.

I  Reveal your strengths and weaknesses as a manager.

I  Delegate and motivate according to the needs of employees.

I  Manage the relational dynamics within a team.


I  Insights Discovery®, psychometric questionnaire.

I  Individual report with development actions.

I  Peer feedback card game in connection with the colours.

I  Team wheel

I  An action plan for personal development, especially for young managers.

Each training session is adapted to the specific needs of managers and offers a convivial sharing experience to discover yourself and your leadership style. The approach is fun and participative, offering a basic tool from which to build modules dedicated to communication, cooperation, delegation, sales, or conflict management.