Leading collective intelligence workshops

Leading collective intelligence workshops

Groupe de collaborateurs réunis autour d'une table qui développent leur intelligence collective

Collective intelligence consists of sharing skills in order to generate solutions and ideas that benefit the group. As the intelligence of the group is superior to the sum of the intelligence of the individuals, what emerges from the workshops is particularly rich.

Moderation erases any notion of hierarchy and creates equality between all individuals. A facilitator enforces the speaking order and animates the decision-making process so that everyone feels valued and involved. This is why it is one of the foundations of participative management today. The human and the relational are being returned to the heart of the organisation.


I  Facilitate workshops where everyone expresses their ideas

I  Solve problems experienced by the team or within the activity

I  Develop ideas on or around a subject or project


I  The collective dynamic

I  The notion of inclusion and decline

I  The 5 Cs (Creativity, Compassion, Collaboration, Communication, Collective)

I  The posture of the facilitator

I  Protocols such as Bono’s hats, the Disney method, Story Telling, Parallax, the election of a candidate, etc.

The training is tailored to the needs of the team and the problem to be solved. The team experiments with different protocols that will allow them to achieve the desired results. The training must be considered in the context of a workshop and handle or solve a real problem in a project creation phase.