Lighten your mental load

Lighten your mental load

Personne libre, joyeuse et sereine n'ayant pas de charge mentale

Your mental load is the 1,001 thoughts that clutter your mind and can lead to exhaustion on a daily basis. It is expressed by various symptoms such as difficulty in distancing yourself, the feeling of being overwhelmed, concentration problems, distractions, errors, and easily irritable behaviour. 

Mental hyperactivity is reinforced by the world in which we live: simultaneous workflows, large quantities of data to manage, complexity of processes, etc. Consequently, we need to tame our mind to remain serene and efficient. With simple and accessible tools, you will be able to lighten your mental load to regain your energy.


I  Identify the peacemakers and amplifiers of mental activity

I  Acquire reflexes that relieve your mental load

I  Acquire concrete tools to better organise your daily life


I  The zone of influence and its limits

I  The 2 minute rule

I  Delegation

I  Time management tools

I  Journaling (daily writing practice)

Each course is adapted to your specific needs. The pedagogical approach is playful and participatory, with the participants putting the proposed tools into practice and testing them in a concrete way.