Make memorable Powerpoint presentations

Make memorable Powerpoint presentations

Personne réalisant une présentation devant des travailleurs

Using storytelling and graphic design in presentations amplifies the impact of messages and captures and maintains the audience’s attention. Creating simple, effective, and memorable presentations is an art that can be learned. By leaving the beaten path of traditional presentations, it is simpler to get a message across, because it arouses emotions, and communication becomes memorable, effective, and entertaining.

Storytelling brings the message closer to the audience, creating interaction by telling a story which is often drawn from real life. Graphic design adds a visual touch by supporting the story or the message with an image.


I  Use the storytelling structure to create presentations

I  Select the information to be conveyed and formulate THE essential message to be communicated

I  Make presentations coherent, elegant, and fluid

I  Create visuals that support communication


I  The storytelling technique

I  Targeting messages to the audience

I  Organising your presentation

I  Transforming messages into images

I  Pictograms

I  Classic mistakes in PowerPoint presentations

I  Visual consistency of the slideshow

The content of the training is adapted to the specific needs of the participants. The pedagogical approach is playful and participatory with participants preparing concrete presentations to present to the group.