Manager, manage careers!

Manager, manage careers!

Supporting employees’ career plans

In the course of an employee’s life, the context changes, aspirations evolve, and every manager is faced with anticipating or accommodating the expectations of employees who wish to make a change in their career. As it fosters the development and retention of talent within the organisation, career management is a real managerial challenge.
Open-ended questioning helps to understand employees’ new expectations and aspirations. Once the need has been identified, the challenge is to adopt the right stance to facilitate the transition, while providing clear guidelines on the possibilities or alternatives, in collaboration with the Human Resources department.


I  Clarifying the manager’s role in mobility and career management

I  Managing requests for mobility

I  Revealing career aspirations through questioning

I  Developing a coaching posture


I  Coaching questions

I  Real talk and feedback

I  3P model

I  Managing emotions

I  Practical exercises: role-playing

The training is tailored to the needs of the learners and the organisation. The teaching approach is participative. Based on a preliminary survey, the facilitator uses real-life problems experienced by managers to develop the content of the session. Numerous exercises and role plays are proposed. The optional presence of an actor makes the approach even more effective. A second co-development session, a few weeks after the training, is recommended and provides an additional anchor in the acquisition of the posture.