Managing conflicts

Managing conflicts

Implement win-win solutions
deux collaborateurs en conflit au sein d'une équipe

Every team is confronted with conflicts, whether they are beneficial or, on the contrary, harmful. A conflict situation arouses unpleasant emotions and is uncomfortable. The risk is to ignore it and let things get out of hand. This is why everyone is called upon to take a step back, identify their own operating modes, and intervene with courage.

Approaching the conflict from other angles allows win-win solutions to emerge, whether in an interpersonal conflict situation or as a third party. Having an understanding of the conflict encourages constructive exchanges and resolves difficult situations.


I  Communicating during conflicts

I  Be aware of your intention and your posture

I  Listen actively and remain open

I  Manage your emotions and those of your interlocutor

I  Conclude with a clear agreement


I  Thomas-Kilman Self-Assessment Questionnaire

I  The Thomas-Kilmann model

I  Psychological games (Transactional Analysis)

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