Managing performance

Managing performance

Guiding towards the achievement of objectives
comment gérer la performance

Managing performance is the ability to guide employees to achieve the objectives set and even to exceed them. To do this, it is necessary to give meaning to the objectives and to ensure regular follow-up by focusing on the support and development of collaborators. 

By cultivating healthy and open communication, setting concrete goals and providing ongoing training, collaborators are more empowered and motivated to achieve their goals, develop their skills and contribute to the success of the company. 


I  Become aware of your influence on the performance of your collaborators

I  Use the levers that influence performance

I  Define an objective

I  Set up a follow-up


I  Definition of performance

I  Levers of motivation

I  4 stages of performance

I  Set a goal

I  Follow-up

I  Give feedback

I  Evaluate the progress made

The training is adapted to the needs of the participants and takes into account the performance management policy of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative. The group works on concrete cases and practices during simulated interviews. The optional presence of an actor makes the approach even more effective.