Managing project

Managing project

Mastering a collective and transversal adventure
Quatre poings qui se regroupent et qui appartiennent à une équipe de quatre collaborateurs

Today, employees are invited to manage projects, whether they are operational or strategic. The challenge is to manage deadlines, risks, budgets, and schedules, as well as deal with the power plays, interests, attitudes, and motivations of the different contributors.

Managing projects requires the ability to combine expertise and interpersonal skills while being clear on the role and place of the project manager. Far from being the one who delivers the goods, the project manager coordinates, motivates, and manages resistance in order to guide the project team towards success.


I  Clarify the role of the project manager

I  Manage the difficulties of cross-functional projects

I  Master project management tools

I  Develop a project culture


I  Definition of a project and its key steps

I  Assessing the feasibility of the project

I  Communicating and managing resistance

I  Leading the project team

The training is tailored to the needs of the participants and the objectives of the project. The pedagogy is participatory, based on role-playing in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors brings even more interactivity and efficiency to the approach.