Mindfulness: a space to lead

Mindfulness: a space to lead

To lead with awareness and work on your intention
Manager, leader, pensif qui regarde par la fenêtre

In today’s world, restlessness is part of the reality of the leader who is more than ever in constant demand and connected. By developing an acute awareness of themselves and others, leaders strengthen their decision-making, their ability to manage stress and foster a more productive and harmonious work environment. A mindfulness-based approach to leadership fosters greater mental clarity, empathy and resilience, enabling leaders to achieve exceptional levels of performance.

‘A space to lead’ is an 8-week introductory programme in mindfulness meditation based on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme and adapted to the reality of corporate leaders. The group sessions provide a gradual introduction to meditation and enable participants to practice it in a variety of ways: sitting, yoga movements, walking, informal practice, etc. The sessions deal with practical issues for leaders, such as goal-setting, planning, stress, communication, e-mail management and meetings.


I  Introduction to meditation

I  Strengthen leadership through concentration and focus

I  Discover the impact of stress on leadership and effectiveness at work

I  Gain perspective and serenity


I  Mindfulness meditation

I  Reactive patterns and beliefs

I  Stress

I  Day-to-day work: objectives, meetings, communication, e-mails, etc.

I  Mindful leadership

The training is adapted to the professional context and introduces the lay practice of mindfulness meditation. The tools offered are adapted to the world of work and can be used as soon as you return to the office.