Mindfulness: Focus on what matters

Mindfulness: Focus on what matters

To work on attention and gain efficiency
personne qui fait de la pleine conscience méditation au travail

Today’s work takes us away from the present: it puts us in loops of continuous flow, obedience to processes and projection into a schedule to be kept. Everything around us is designed to grab our attention: reminders, email and messenger notifications, spam, adverts, all kinds of ring tones. Mindfulness reduces stress, improves concentration and productivity, and promotes a better work-life balance.
Focus on what matters’ is an 8-week introductory programme in mindfulness meditation based on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme and adapted to the world of corporate work. The group sessions provide a gradual introduction to meditation and enable participants to practise it in a variety of ways, including sitting, yoga movements, walking and informal practice. Concrete themes from everyday life at work are addressed: setting objectives, planning, stress, communication, managing e-mails, meetings, etc.


I Introduction to mindfulness meditation

I Stimulate concentration and attention

I Discover the impact of stress on effectiveness at work

I Gain perspective and serenity


I Mindfulness meditation

I Reactive patterns and beliefs

I Stress

I Day-to-day work: objectives, meetings, communication, e-mails, etc.

The training is adapted to the professional context and introduces the lay practice of mindfulness meditation. The tools offered are adapted to the world of work and can be used as soon as you return to the office.