Motivating the collaborators

Motivating the collaborators

Equipe de collaborateurs motivés

Motivation determines the energy with which the employee invests in their role. Whether it is related to the task, the human context or the work environment, there are many ways to stimulate and maintain motivation. Activating them through managing activities and adapting recognition signs are indispensable assets for team leaders.

Whether extrinsic or intrinsic, motivations have a decisive power of action. Having a framework to explore them enables us to consciously relate to what mobilises us and gives us energy on a daily basis.


I  Understand the concept of motivation

I  Identify the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of motivation

I  Recognise the different types of needs at work

I  Give adequate signs of recognition

I  Identify the levers


I  Taibi Kahler’s psychological needs

I  Herzberg’s theory

I  Maslow’s pyramid

I  Coaching questioning

I  The motivations of the neurocognitive and behavioural approach

The training is adapted to the client’s needs and context with a playful and participative pedagogical approach. Participants explore their motivations in a concrete way and practice identifying the motivations of others during mock interviews. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.