Running effective meetings

Running effective meetings

Facilitating the group to perform well
équipe heureuse lors d'une réunion efficace

Meetings are an integral part of team life. Yet three out of four meetings do not result in any decisions being taken. These meetings are all the more frustrating because the time spent on them can exceed half of the working time for some. The pitfalls are numerous: lack of agenda, late arrivals, use of mobile phones, lack of follow-up, relational tensions, etc. However, a few well-targeted initiatives can make a big difference and support the group towards more pleasure and performance in collaboration.


I  Facilitate meetings where everyone expresses their ideas

I  Solve problems as a team

I  Develop ideas on or around a subject or project


I  Do’s and dont’s of efficient meetings

I  Empower each participants with clear roles and responsibilities

I  The importance of the agenda

I  The posture of the facilitator

I  Some tips from collective intelligence

The training is tailored to the needs of the participants and the objectives of the project. The pedagogy is participatory and essentially based on role-playing in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors brings even more interactivity and efficiency to the approach.