Micro pour prise de parole en public

Did you know that one of the biggest fears of employees is public speaking? This is because this skill is rarely used and is done under the direct gaze of others. If your hands are sweaty and shaking, if you are wondering if your outfit is appropriate, if you are afraid of blushing or stumbling... Don't worry! You are not alone!

Public speaking can be learned and is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and gain confidence. Whether you're making presentations, selling ideas to clients or facing a camera, you can combat stage fright, strengthen your presence, and inspire your audience.

Objectifs :

I  Get a message across

I  Inspire and motivate the audience

I  Using breath, body and voice to maximise impact and presence

I  Controlling anxiety

I  Using rhetorical devices and arguments

I  Preparing a persuasive speech

I  The art of powerful storytelling

Contenu :

I  Selection of eminent speeches

I  Rhetorical structure

I  Preparation of a presentation using the most effective means

I  Presentation practice with direct feedback on your current style

I  Practice new strategies and ideas to present your ideas even better

The training is adapted to the needs and context of the participants with a playful and participative pedagogical approach. Each participant works on a concrete case that he or she presents to the group.