Supporting change

Supporting change

To help people embrace change and overcome resistance
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In recent years, change management has become an essential skill for managers. Change has become omnipresent, whether it’s the implementation of a new strategy, the acquisition of a new management system or a departmental reorganisation. Faced with new ways of doing things, these changes can provoke uncertainty and opposition.

Supporting change means putting in place an environment that is conducive to listening, welcoming resistance and responding to it effectively, so that everyone affected can regain serenity at work. It also means taking a step back to understand the key stages and adapting your communication.


I  Understanding your own reactions to change
I  Identifying the major stages of the grieving curve
I  Using influencing strategies
I  Dealing with resistance to change
I  Bringing out fears and expectations
I  Communicating change


I  The Kübler-ross model
I  Influencing theories
I  The 12 reasons to resist
I  POPE methodology
I  Communication plan

This course is run taking into account the culture of the organisation and the participants’ experience of feedback. The teaching method is participative and essentially based on role-playing in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors makes the approach even more interactive and effective.