Taking control of your career

Taking control of your career

Preparing for internal mobility
Personne qui regarde dans une longue vue vers son avenir

Internal mobility is not something that can be taken for granted. Whether horizontal (equivalent position) or vertical (promotion or development), it needs to be prepared and thought through. By making their wishes known and sharing a well-considered and coherent project, employees commit themselves and play an active part in the development of their careers while helping the organisation to grow. They develop their employability and highlight the value of their skills and their ability to learn and develop. To dare to talk about your project, however, you sometimes have to remove certain taboos relating to the role of the hierarchy and the HR department.


I  Explore your motivations and aspirations
I  Become aware of your skills and talents
I  Identify meaningful and inspiring projects and mobility opportunities
I  Define the steps to activate mobility


I  AssessFirst tests (Shape, Drive & Brain)
I  Exploring your motivations, talents and skills
I  Defining and preparing your career plan
I  Clarification of the steps required to activate mobility

Each training is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. The teaching approach is playful and participative. A practical guide accompanies the participant, providing a structured and coherent approach.