The circle of influence, expand your personal power

The circle of influence, expand your personal power

Managing your energy and gaining impact
Personne qui arrête des dominos de tomber avec sa main

We are often preoccupied with things we cannot control, without being aware of it. In the illusion of control, we complain, blame, and adopt a negative mindset. Actions and thoughts are scattered and not very effective.

Working on influence means assessing what is beyond our control and what we can change. The circle of influence is a simple tool that allows us to focus our actions without getting distracted. Occupying your zone of influence means gaining personal power and creating a positive and creative dynamic around you.


I  Become aware of your power to act: where to let go and where to focus your efforts

I  Become aware of your state of mind and become proactive

I  Set realistic goals


I  Covey’s circles of influence

I  Dramatic triangle

I  SMART goal

I  Life positions in transactional analysis

Each course is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative. The tools proposed are put into practice and tested in a concrete way by the participants.