The influence of the network

The influence of the network

Femmes se faisant une poignée de main et qui nouent des relations pérennes

The professional network, also called relational network, is essential to have influence and exercise leadership (as an expert) in business. It allows you to be easily informed, offers visibility and opportunities to deepen your knowledge, facilitates the sharing and exchange of experiences with peers, provides access to advice, and maintains long-term ties with influential professionals.

At the heart of networking activities is a common denominator: professional mutual aid. The values of sharing and generosity allow even the most shy to develop their network with confidence. Relationships are built on a balanced exchange that lasts.


I  Overcome false beliefs about networking

I  Know the different ways to develop your network

I  Identify the approaches that best suit your own style

I  Have concrete tools to enter into relationships with ease


I  The posture to adopt (generosity and listening)

I  Entering into relationships with ease

I  Introducing yourself and talking about yourself

I  Choosing places and events to visit

I  The basics of using LinkedIn

The training is adapted to the client’s needs and context with a playful and participative pedagogical approach. The group works on concrete cases brought by the participants and practices during networking simulations. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.