Empowering with empathy
Manager ayant une posture de coach qui discute avec une collègue

While the manager ensures that the work is well organised and that the objectives are achieved, the manager coach creates a respectful working climate, empowers and develops the employees. They create an environment where everyone is free to act and take initiatives, which encourages employees to become more involved. Regular exchanges on what each person has learned helps the team to grow.

Objectifs :

Understanding the difference between a manager and a manager coach

Being aware of the posture

Empowering employees

Stimulating development

Managing motivation and aspirations

Contenu :

Open-ended questioning

The GROW model

The growth mindset

The motivation dial

The life positions

The dramatic triangle

The training is adapted to the needs of the learners and the organisation. The pedagogical approach is participatory. Thanks to a preliminary survey, the facilitator uses concrete problems experienced by the managers to build the content of the session. Numerous exercises and role plays are proposed. The optional presence of an actor makes the approach even more effective. A second co-development session, a few weeks after the training, is recommended and provides an additional anchor in the acquisition of the posture.