Conduct a goal-setting interview

Conduct a goal-setting interview

Cible avec une flèche au centre

Setting objective(s) is a central lever for managing a team. The purpose of an objective is to give meaning to all the activities carried out by a person while taking into account his/her motivations and resources. To be relevant, it is essential that it is consistent with the purpose of the team, department and organisation.

The common goal promotes team cohesion, while the individual goal stimulates personal commitment. Relevance depends on its precision and the way it is formulated. When it is achieved, it gives everyone a sense of satisfaction, enthusiasm and dynamism.


I  Set clear objectives

I  Give meaning to the objectives

I  Invite the employee to set his/her own objectives

I  Evaluate the means and resources needed to achieve them


I  Cascading goals

I  SMART model

I  The conditions of the goal setting interview

I  GROW model

I  The life positions

The training is adapted to the needs and the process of goal setting and performance management of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is participative with the drafting of concrete objectives during practical exercises and simulated goal setting interviews. The optional presence of an actor makes the approach even more effective.