Managing change with Insights Discovery®

Managing change with Insights Discovery®

Create enthusiasm and support resistance
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Every manager is required to support a change at some point. To do this, they need to anticipate and understand the levers and resistance of employees to change. Thanks to Insights Discovery, stakeholders understand the reactions to change. The tool opens up the dialogue around resistance and identifies what makes sense of the change. Employees feel supported with empathy and kindness.


I  Making sense of change

I  Developing communication strategies according to the colours

I  Understanding resistance and accompanying it with empathy

I  Understanding the mourning curve and the ADKAR model through the prism of colours


I  The colour change curve

I  The ADKAR model according to colours 

I  Resistance to change by colour

I  The emotional needs of each colour

The training is adapted to the needs of the participants and the objectives of the project. The pedagogy is participatory and essentially based on role-playing in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors brings even more interactivity and efficiency to the approach.