Meditate for more calm and efficiency at work

Meditate for more calm and efficiency at work

Femme qui médite au travail au milieu d'une discussion tendue

Do you feel exhausted by all the things you have to manage? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and demands you have to deal with on a daily basis? Is your brain constantly processing information about work, making it difficult to find peace of mind when you get home or at night?

Stress is useful and natural. Our ability to stay focused is essential to understanding and managing it. Mindfulness offers tools to train attention, create space, and provide creative responses to pressure. Practicing meditation allows you to regain personal power and stay focused on what really matters to you, your team, and your organisation.


I  Identify your own reactions to stress

I  Acquire the tools of mindfulness meditation and apply them to daily life

I  Act and communicate in a more conscious and serene way


I  Turn off-Breathe-Observe-Proceed Approach

I  Guided meditations

I  Meditated slow yoga movements

I  Breathing exercises

I  Conscious communication exercises

The training is adapted to the professional context and introduces the lay practice of mindfulness meditation. The proposed tools are adapted to the working world and can be used as soon as you return to the office.