Project leadership with Insights Discovery®

Project leadership with Insights Discovery®

Gaining influence as a project manager
développer son influence en tant que leader projet avec Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a model based on various typologies and the work of Carl Jung, represented by four colours. Using a questionnaire and various activities led by a certified trainer, participants explore the ways in which they react to their environment and manage relationships with others.

The leadership of a project manager is characterised by the ability to excel in project management while being able to collaborate effectively with the various contributors. In this workshop, project managers discover their ability to share their ideas and get their vision across. They become aware of how they communicate, positively influence and mobilise the resources needed to achieve the project’s objectives. They develop their ability to work collaboratively in environments where coordination, negotiation and organisation are crucial to project success.


I  Reveal your strengths and weaknesses as a project leader

I  Understand how other project contributor profiles operate

I  Develop new communication and cooperation strategies for each of the existing profiles


I  Insights Discovery®, psychometric questionnaire

I  Individual report including development actions

I  Action plan for personal development as a project manager: communication, negotiation, cooperation, influence, organisation, etc.

Each training is tailored to the specific needs of managers and offers a convivial experience of sharing in the discovery of oneself and one’s leadership style. The approach is playful and participative. It provides a basic tool on which to build modules dedicated to communication, cooperation, delegation, conflict management, etc.