Reading political games through neuroscience

Reading political games through neuroscience

Lire les jeux politiques avec les neurosciences

The Neuro-Cognitive and Behavioural Approach offers a systemic view of human behaviour. Based on neuroscience studies, the NCB approach helps us to understand brain mechanisms and their impact on human reactions and decisions. 

The approach offers powerful tools for reading a person’s behaviour under pressure, in conflict or in power struggles. Gaining awareness of these processes helps to strengthen (self) leadership and to better read and experience the political games played within organisations.


I  Understanding reactivity in tense situations

I  Managing power relationships in organisations

I  Coping better with political games and power struggles


I Cerebral territories and how they function

I The 3 responses to stress

I Herd behaviour and its influence on behaviour

I Relational management of gregarious positioning

Each course is adapted to the needs and context of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative, offering time for individual reflection and concrete group experiences as well as situational exercises. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.