(Re)discover your resources

(Re)discover your resources

Recognise your talents and gain confidence
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When the workload is heavy and we are going through difficult times, we tend to lose sight of our potential. Every individual has a wealth of personal resources. They may be conscious but undervalued and not recognised for their true value. They can also be unconscious and used intuitively when they could be developed more deeply.

Developing a better awareness of one’s assets and resources and using them effectively to face the challenges of everyday life is a valuable way to get through periods of change and difficult transitions.


I  Become aware of your relationship with stress

I  Identify your skills and talents

I  Take stock of existing resources

I  Learn from others’ perceptions of oneself


I  The physiology of stress

I  Mind mapping of skills

I  The ‘Life Club’ (Narratives)

I  Collective intelligence

Each course is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative. The tools proposed are put into practice and tested in a concrete way by the participants.