Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries

Understanding your needs and setting healthy boundaries
Homme qui travaille qui marque un stop de sa main et qui met des limites

Setting limits allows mutual respect to be built into the relationship with others. This is essential for working constructively and effectively over time. Self-awareness and assertiveness are key elements in this process. Setting boundaries does not mean stopping thinking about others or ceasing to be engaged. It means listening to yourself and respecting yourself. The intention of this training is to develop new strategies for setting boundaries in a positive, non-reactive and non-aggressive way.


I  Identifying when one’s own limits are exceeded

I  Discovering the different types of limits

I  Anticipating and expressing needs assertively

I  Learning to set limits to avoid wasting energy

I  Managing commitments and expectations of others


I  The ‘Minehisyours’ method

I  Identification of needs

I  The tools of Nedra Tawwab

I  Transactional Analysis drivers

The training is adapted to the needs and context of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative, based on individual and group reflections as well as on role-playing.