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Fully present at work and at home
Personne qui travaille de chez elle, télétravaille, équilibre vie pro vie perso

In everyday life, managing transitions from one activity to another is an important factor in well-being. How can we avoid bringing problems from work to home and back? How can we manage the continuous access to e-mails and the work overload? By very concrete conscious means, everyone can put in place routines that facilitate the transition from one activity to another with greater serenity. The challenge is to encourage the brain to focus on the subjects that are relevant to where you are, whether at work or at home.


I  Gain presence at work and at home

I  Take stock of your habits to see their positive and negative impact

I  Implement the most beneficial habits

I  Make the most of periods of transition


I  The functioning of the mind and the work of attention

I  Routines

I  Boundaries

I  Planning

I  Disconnection

Each course is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative. The tools proposed are put into practice and tested in a concrete way by the participants.