The coaching posture for HR professions

The coaching posture for HR professions

Develop the attitude of a genuine HR partner
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Contributing to the employability of employees, supporting them throughout their careers, ensuring their quality of life at work and developing their commitment are issues that the various Human Resources professions are increasingly faced with. As both mediators and advisors, HR professionals are invited to take their place in these areas, without taking the place of managers.

The coach’s stance enables them to approach employees with an open mind, finding the right balance in the support function: creating trust, building solutions together to meet the organisation’s challenges while taking into account the expectations of the people who contribute to it. The coaching approach values the individual and encourages autonomy, clarifies the roles of each person and builds trust.


I  Creating a climate of trust

I  Remain neutral and benevolent

I  Clarify roles and mandates (HR and managers)

I  Agree on everyone’s commitments


I  The roles of each person (HR, manager, employee)

I  Active listening

I  Open questioning

I  The structure of communication

I  Life positions (Okness)

I  Emotional intelligence

Each training is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. The teaching approach is fun and participative. The tools proposed are put into practice and tested in a concrete way by the participants.