The consultant’s posture with Insights Discovery®

The consultant’s posture with Insights Discovery®

Transform your client relationships with Insights Discovery®.
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Insights Discovery is a model based on various typologies and the work of Carl Jung, represented by four colours. Using a questionnaire and various activities led by a certified trainer, participants explore the ways in which they react to their environment and manage relationships with others.

Armed with the principles of Insights Discovery®, consultants can not only master their expertise, but also cultivate a deep understanding of themselves. By exploring their own communication preferences, motivations and working styles through the prism of Insights Discovery®, they can get to know themselves better and thus serve their clients better.

This self-knowledge enables advisers to adapt their communication and approach to the specific needs of each client, thereby enhancing the quality of their work and the effectiveness of their interventions. This not only maximises their impact, but also enables them to develop more authentic and fruitful relationships with their customers.


I  Become aware of your communication preferences as an advisor and your potential.

I  Understand how other profiles work, so you can better adapt to your customers.

I  Develop new communication and sales strategies.


I  Insights Discovery®, psychometric questionnaire

I  Individual report including development actions

I  Action plan for personal development as a consultant: communication, cooperation, influence, creativity, sales, etc.

Each training is tailored to the needs and context of the organisation. The teaching approach is fun and participative, offering time for individual reflection and concrete group experiences as well as role-playing. The optional presence of an actor makes the process even more effective.