Turning feedback into gold

Turning feedback into gold

When other perspectives feeds your growth
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Receiving feedback often represents a real challenge. It requires a delicate balance between the desire to improve and the need for self-protection. Receiving feedback can reinforce the fear of being judged or incompetent. It is therefore essential to create a climate a trust and to feel free to set boundaries when relevant.

As feedback is often associated with suggestions for improvement or changes to be made, people may be resistant to change and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Cultivating a growth mindset and an posture of curiosity and openness is helpful.

Implementing a couple of practical tool to create a safe environment and welcome feedback offers unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. To make it insightful, it is crucial to ask for clarity, adopt an open posture, and define new strategies for continuous improvement.


I  It’s all about perspective

I  Posture and boundaries

I  Get key messages and intention

I  Manage emotions on the spot

I  Celebrate positive feedback

I  Define strategies for improvements


I  Johari’s window.

I  The Ladder of Inference

I  The SBI model.

I  Active listening

I  Boundaries

I  The growth mindset

This training is facilitated by taking into account the culture of the organisation. The pedagogy is participative and based on role plays in sub-groups. The optional presence of actors brings even more interactivity and efficiency to the approach.