Revealing leadership through virtual reality

Revealing leadership through virtual reality

In direct contact with its reactive patterns
Femme qui expérimente la réalité virtuelle au travail pour développer son leadership

Thanks to virtual reality, offer your employees a moment of relaxation and discovery! Participants immerse themselves in a fictitious world and carry out a mission that reveals many aspects of leadership: stress and emotion management, decision-making, adaptability, reflection, etc. At the end of this dazzling experience, a structured debriefing highlights the differences in perception between the participants, what they have learned and the specificities of each one in terms of leadership and stress management.


I  To live a powerful experience of self-discovery, of one’s reactive patterns and leadership style

I  To give impetus to the development of leadership, stress and emotion management or change management


I  A dazzling virtual reality experience

I  In-depth understanding of behaviours related to decision making, coping, stress and change management

Each course is adapted to the specific needs of the organisation. The pedagogical approach is playful and participative. The tools proposed are put into practice and tested in a concrete way by the participants.